Tricking your brain to focus

Indonesia Laptop

Sitting down, dreading over your assignments, work, project and task, losing the focus fast, with approaching deadlines and never ending work.

Distractions are evil and come in many forms and sizes, preventing us from completing the next steps towards completing what we need to get done.

The trick may be to take a little step back, or to start from scratch all together, but it works only from the ultra-discipline (not me).

Here are 2 ways i use to trick my small brain to focus:

Take a walk aka Jalan Jalan

Not shopping, nor window shopping but just the simple act of taking a short walk to nowhere, may help you to think in a different way than you were before.

Get off your chair and get some steps in. Walking is a simple and robust solution that allows us to open up and stay focus. It also can help us increasing creativity and considered exercise.

Talk to myself aka Crazy Guy

Staring into blank space, you just can’t seem to get anywhere. Sounds crazy but working through your thoughts and ideas out loud helps me come to my own conclusions and move on with my work at hand.

Turn off all other distractions… When you are ready to return to the task at hand, turn off all other distractions.

Yes, Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram and all modern world distractions.