Top 5 Reason Indonesian Businesses use the Cloud

indonesian cloud growth

Good news is that SMBs are moving business functions into the cloud as more tools and solutions are developed specifically for the SMB market.

When we talk about the cloud, it’s no longer a future issue or let’s wait and see. It’s a present and important, addressing their real business needs, adding simplicity and enhance security and helping to accelerate innovation and growth.

There are more businesses than ever in on cloud, how are they using it?

1. Hybrid: Hybrid cloud allows for fluid operations, makes it possible to bridge incompatible clouds and traditional on-premises environments as one. As a result, increase control and enhance security of their data and are able to bring portability to their back and front office applications.

2. Infrastructure: Taking advantage of scaling computing resources on demand and avoiding extra CAPEX expenditure for resources they may only need for a few days. Scaling up when they require additional bandwidth, storage or processing power.

3. Test & Development: Efficient, cloud-based environments are empowering business to quickly create, test and launch new applications and solutions, cutting deployment time. Developer teams are creating business applications with ease and speed, helping them to better serve their market better and compete on a global scale.

4. Big Data and Analytics: The cloud is empowering businesses to take advantage of big data and analytics technology by reducing cost or complexity. By identifying the data that are most meaningful to their business, analyze and act upon key insights. This means uncovering and predicting trends before they happen, fostering a deeper understanding of customers, operations and markets.

5. Mobility: The reach of cloud-based mobile solutions, native and wrapper application are helping business owners to arm their workforce with key applications and have company information on the go. Armed with valuable customer data or inventory information at the touch of a finger helps improve efficiency and enhances customer relationships as they grow their business.