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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Indonesia

VDI indonesia

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server and delivering that desktop across the web.

Many large companies have adopted VDI, but the adoption is very slow and ignored by small and medium sized businesses.

Does Virtual Desktop Infrastructure make sense for your business? If your business falls into these three categories, you should consider VDI.

On-Premise Data Center: Having your own data center, running in close proximity to your employees helps and you’re in a good position to deploy the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

500+ Desktops: Critical mass of more than 500 or more desktops seems like the number where moving to VDI makes financial sense.
VDI begins to make sense once you scale to 500 desktops or more

Staffing: With your own data center that support more than 500 employees, you need skilled staff to support VDI, often an overlooked requirement to a successful Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployment.


If you’ve done your preparation and understand the hardware, software and staffing requirements to get VDI off the ground, you might benefit from implementing it. And the benefits can be substantial. Your IT staff might like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure because it allows employees to work from nearly anywhere they have an internet connection. This is often referred to as the “snowstorm solution” because it allows employees to use nearly any device to connect remotely.

Being able to use any device is also a win for both employee and IT. You don’t need to worry about standardizing on Windows or Mac because software solutions cover those as well as those using tablets.