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Cloud Data Backup Service Indonesia

cloud data backup

Many businesses in Indonesia still question cloud-based data backup because of inexperience and understanding of how the systems work rather than technological issues.

Let’s compare on-premise data backup vs cloud data backup in Indonesia

On-premise backup

On-premise data backup solutions are practical and well-known, and most view them as “SAFE.”  Assured to be quick and provide low latency, suitable for different workloads.

The negative side of on-premise data backup solutions carries a large up-front costs due to hardware that businesses must purchase. Local backups are not disaster-proof, as natural disasters and in-house user error, making your data vulnerable. Also software and hardware maintenance, electricity, and personnel to manage the systems are costs.

Cloud backup

Cloud data backup or backup as a service”, uploads everything to an online backup service. This solution typically involves the storing of data outside of the organisation. Instead of storing data by yourself, someone else does it for you while charging you a monthly cost. Cloud options tend to be cheaper than their on-premise, and can also store larger volumes of data.

Cloud storage solutions traditionally offer reduced downtime in the event of a loss and allow for easier locating of data. Increased scalability, as you have the ability to increase your storage at any time and only pay for the data you use. This works very well to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Security is growing, the cloud is less safe. Many cloud systems have trouble with security, downtime and recovery performance. While the cloud does seem to be the backup platform of the future yet, it is not without its flaws. On-premise recovery solutions are still much more stable and produce faster results. However, the cloud solutions do grant users ease-of-use and a smaller cost.