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Drive SaaS Adoption Indonesia


Issues is most customers must understand how to use SaaS technology, they also need to know how to maximise its use for their business. The software as a service (SaaS) industry is getting more crowded and harder to win new customers.

Majority are monthly or annual subscriptions, meaning that the runway for to achieve maximum use is incredibly short, easier from them to leave you fast as there are no installation investments or long-term contracts to fall back on, as is typically the case with on-premise software or hardware.

Connecting customer support to success

Customer success is not like customer support. They’re two entirely different business strategy and should be treated as such.

Customer support is when something breaks, the customer support team is there to fix it. If someone can’t get to the right portal, the customer support team needs to help. The calls are ongoing.

Customer success team seeks out the customers to discover how they are using your technology to meet their business objectives. A customer success manager gets to know the projects, coordinates training and planning and becomes your internal advocate for successful adoption. Customer success goal is satisfaction by finding the best solution to problem, and ensuring long-term client retention.

Building the customer success experience

Customer success is just as important as sales, marketing, operations or finance. As SaaS companies build and enhance their customer success strategy, here are a few key tips to consider:

  • Weave customer success into company mission and goal.
  • Start working on your old relationships.
  • Engage your customer, always bring them to you.