Netflix Indonesia, Movie Streaming on Demand


Netflix Indonesia, Movie Streaming on Demand

Nerflix hits Asia with its video streaming services across 130 countries all at once. Will Indonesian start using Netflix? Indonesia has the following challenges when it comes to paid streaming services:

  • Internet connections, hard to get stable and good connections.
  • Bandwidth sucker, Netfilx sucks a lot of bandwidth, meaning if it takes off in Indonesia, we all will suffer with worst internet
  • Cost, knowing our market and how we get movies, we wont pay RP109.000 per month.

With that Netflix needs look at prices and offer offline viewing in indonesia, but that is just the start. They will need to deepen its inventory of local content.

Here’s some key points to note

  • How much is it?

netflix price indonesia

  • How do they compare in Asia?

compair netflix indonesia