Microsoft joins the containers race

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Microsoft has join the party and cashed in on one of the industry’s trending technologies, with the announcement of the general availability of the Azure Container Service.

The Microsoft container service was initially announced in September 2015 and released for public preview in February, is built on Opensource and offers a choice between DC/OS or Docker Swarm orchestration engines.

While the growth of containers technology has been documented in recent months, a number of industry commentators have been concerned about the understanding of the technology within enterprise organizations themselves.

Aside from confusion surrounding the definition and use case of containers, the Microsoft team believe the growth of the technology is being stunted by the management and orchestration. While the technology does offer organizations numerous benefits, traditional means of managing such technologies has proven to be in-effective.

Along the availability announcement, Microsoft has also joined a new open source DC/OS project enabling customers to use Mesosphere’s Data Center Operating System to orchestrate their containers projects. The project brings together the expertise of more than 50 partners to drive usability within the software-defined economy.

The Docker Swarm version ensures any Docker compliant tooling can be used in the service. Azure Container Service provides a ‘Docker native’ solution using the same open source technologies as Dockers Universal Control Plane, allowing customers to upgrade as and when required.