How to Get Your Company to Adapt to New Technologies?

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We are all love routine. Simple, stress-free, and it’s comforting to do what we been doing for years. In my experience, however, when we become too reliant and complacent on what’s predictable, more problems arise. The same principle holds the true for businesses. Routine offers many benefits but being too relaxed is dangerous.

Start with people, not technology

Most employees work in silos just like assembly line workers, they may not understand the importance of new application that can help them.

Align and communicate business technology transformation vision, so they understand the big picture for the business and its vision for the future, they can more easily comprehend and support the need to adopt new technologies.

Leaders must communicate the tight message through the ranks, not doing so often leads to people feeling disinterested and aloof. As much as management likes the idea of a solution, if employees fight against adoption, they’ll face a long and uphill battle to meet their goals.

Position tips:

  • New tool to save time
  • Drive innovation
  • Increase bottom-line

Keep selling that vision to the people who will use the technology every day.

Develop a culture of change, learning and growth

“Don’t change what is not broken” they say, a company that tries to change one solution at a time won’t succeed.

You have to continually encourage and educate your employees to find a level of balance, comfort and embrace change as part of the routine.

Guiding principles to convert your people.

Understand the technology. For the end-user prospective, IT people need to work closely with the end-users. Also ensure that the solution is working well, just imagine sitting down for a demo and having to wait 30 minutes because of program glitches, you just lost them.

Enable continuing education. Provide additional training and support to gain a level of comfort with new solutions. Encourage them to attend continuing education classes for technology and support internal sessions that make learning fun and exciting.

Forward Thinking. Test the water, start education earlier, wo when the switch comes, it will not be a big blow.

Celebrate each milestone.  Positive energy can help a company move towards a culture of change. Encourage employees to provide feedback, offer ideas and engage in the process.

We are all love routine. Simple, stress-free, and it’s comforting to do what we been doing for years, just make sure there’s also room for innovation and technological growth. When everyone feels like part of the update, the change will be for the better.