Four Cloud Computing Security Myth

Cloud Security Indonesia

Reason for not moving to the cloud is security, but here are myth’s that will make you reconsider moving to the cloud.

  1. Cloud is less secure than on-site servers

It’s not true that IT servers in-house and on-site is safer, but there are risks with both cloud and on-site. It requires you to invest into security, skilled professional and continues monitoring, do you have that resources?

  1. All cloud providers are the same?

There are many standards that have emerged, but there are no guidelines which is the best or most important. Depending on the hardware and technology backbone. It’s good to understand the core security service backbone, because not all providers are not the same.

  1. Cloud provider is responsible for the security of my data

It’s your responsibility, with provider have basic infrastructure to ensure that, the best way is to also bring you own security, where you can have better control and administration.

  1. Hackers target only Big Businesses

Targeting SMEs is often more profitable as their security is weaker, business of all sizes need to stay on top of their security. There’s nowhere to hide.

Cloud computing is growing and despite these and many other myths it is a growing way which is safe, reliable and efficient to organise your IT infrastructure. There are risks, but there are rewards too for businesses of all sizes.