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Indonesian SaaS Customer Success

Customer Success teams are so vital for the health of SaaS companies today in Indonesia, moving forward, understanding the desired outcomes of their customers. The end goal is to think long-term. So what exactly is involved with customer success? Identifying the VALUE¬†that your customer is looking for Making sure that new signups successfully set up … Continue reading Indonesian SaaS Customer Success


Drive SaaS Adoption Indonesia

Issues is most¬†customers must understand how to use SaaS technology, they also need to know how to maximise its use for their business. The software as a service (SaaS) industry is getting more crowded and harder to win new customers. Majority are monthly or annual subscriptions, meaning that the runway for to achieve maximum use … Continue reading Drive SaaS Adoption Indonesia

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4 Powers of SaaS in Indonesia

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) in Indonesia is taking cloud high up to the next level to deliver innovation for every department in every business, HR to sales to customer service. Find SaaS Providers Here: SaaS adoption is increasing. SaaS is one of the tools organizations can use to 2respond to these changes more quickly. SaaS is … Continue reading 4 Powers of SaaS in Indonesia