6 Myths about Cloud Computing in Indonesia

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Cloud can help business by supporting rapid experimentation and innovation, better SPEED TO MARKET.

Here are the top myths surrounding cloud computing in Indonesia:

Myth # 1: Indonesian Cloud Vendor ‘lock in’. You are not lock into the vendor, but the software you use to run on, which is the same as on-premise.

Myth # 2: Security Risk. Most cloud vendor’s security tends to be better than their clients; because they invest resources and the skills to ensure security.

Myth # 3: Cheaper In The Cloud. Not always cheaper, but it’s more cost efficient to run in the cloud. Cloud allows for variable demands and workloads.

Myth # 4: Cloud Takes People Jobs. It creates new opportunity of skilled and knowledgeable workforce to help maintain and strengthen growth and development.

Myth # 5: Migrating Hassle. Find a trusted and experienced hosting provider and it will become a seamlessly process. It can all happen very quickly with minimal downtime.

Myth # 6: Cloud Not For Mission-Critical App’s. Cloud computing can be used for all aspect of business including Mission-Critical applications for many reasons including less downtime, and auto backup.