5 Trends that will change our Small to Medium Business landscape

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Here are a few trends to watch over the next 12 months.

On -demand economy is changing the way we work.

Being labeled as self-employment is rising, driving this is the rise of the freelancing workforce with platform aim at connecting people with work, be it having someone design a poster for you, deliver dessert, drive you home or clean your house. The on-demand economy is thriving and booming.

Government policy can react fast enough

Light speed changes happening, government policies try to catch up, with some just banning the marketplace.

Budgets are getting tighter

The economic uncertainty, is no friend, the big question is when will our country go into the slum.

Technology become affordable

Data and analytics used to cost a hand and a leg, tools only big enterprise could afford. The cost of technology falls, small businesses have gained access to data, analytics and automation platforms once only affordable for big business.

Embrace the power of the cloud

Technology is getting cheaper, stronger and faster year on year. We see more integrations between software players. It’s a big market but what’s going to drive this trend is the younger generation and their push for innovation.

The opportunities for small business and the convergence of technology makes it easier to open and run a business. The cloud, mobile and ubiquitous internet blurs national and state barriers, opening up global opportunities never before available to small businesses.