5 Time Management Tips Indonesia

time management indonesia

Time management is enables success in your personal and professional life. Here are some tips that may really help you to boost your time management:

1) Prepare To-Do List – List out all your tasks for the next day the evening or a night before. This will also let you sleep well at night, knowing you have list what you have to finish and wont forget.

2) Keep Schedule – Schedule or a time table will help reduce your mental stress, and then stick to it for the rest of the day. You will feel much relaxed being the in-charge of your day!

3) Start Your Day Early – If you want to have a successful and productive day, it is better that you wake up early. Spending a few moments in the beginning for planning rest of your day will surely keep you calm and organized throughout.

4) Organize Your Work – Organize your items by filing all important documents, and putting all your work items at proper places. Clean organised desk!

5) Understand Your “Prime Time” – Prime time, really depends if you are a morning, afternoon or night person. Every person has a certain time of the day when he/she feels to be most active and energetic as compared to their performance during the rest of the day.