4 Key Cloud Predictions for 2016 Indonesia

Indonesian Cloud

Looking back, the trend is clear: IT transformation is growing and will continue to rely on expansion into the cloud, while the focus on cybersecurity and the search for talent will continue to impact the industry.
The changes are shifting where value in cloud meant more than lowest cost; where companies and governments would begin creating the best mix of cloud infrastructure they need for their workloads. Today’s IT leaders are better understanding that certain things are worth paying for, like the expertise that’s often difficult to hire in-house, with the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud strategies underling the talent crunch.

IT talent shortage will continue
Where are the highly skilled IT professionals, with IT budgets expected to remain flat in 2016. IT departments will be to be lean and mean, and rely on trusted partners who do have the ability to attract and maintain the right talent, in delivering value.

My suggestion to engage service providers that are focus to provide you the service, that will be the best value bet.

Security as-a-Service
Who has a security department, it has not been a competency for most company, not forgetting ensuring the right expertise against an always-evolving threat will become increasingly more difficult dropdead and expensive.
For better economies of scale, engage a cloud companies offering security as a service and also offer economies of expertise.

Big Data and analytics will be even…Bigger
Data boom is another reason we’ll see continued migration to the cloud. Questions is how do we use or monetize all that data, Think of Uber versus the Taxi industry. Uber uses data to understand who their customers are, where and when they need rides, and to continually optimize their business model.

Continued explosion of Containers
Growing in popularity because they push a straightforward and commonsense approach to building new distributed applications in the cloud, as well as “containerizing” existing applications for distribution. Thanks to containers from Docker and CoreOS but still missing, networking and security services.

I’m not sure on 2 things IoT and VR, going mainstream this year, maybe next year, this will help drive the cloud adoption with storage, tools and connection. Reality check of 2016 flat IT budgets and talent wars, companies will also have to accept that, for the most part, they can no longer fight alone.