10 Reason Engineers Make Better Partners

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Engineers, a breed of their own. Once you understand them, you realize there are major value of having one as your partner. They are some of the  smartest people out there, combined with a personality that can be confusing at first, if you are a free spirit, fly by the seat of your pants type.

1. They are damm organized

It’s no secret that engineers tend to be somewhat particular about where their things go.

2. They handle high-pressure and stressful situations well

Engineers encounter a lot of high stress situations at work, and they know they can’t lose their minds.

3. They absorb information very fast

Men and women in the engineering profession acquire acute attention to detail.

4. They make the best teachers

Engineers have the ability to take a lot of information, and condense it into a few words.

5. They have no problem committing to someone, or to something

Engineers are some of the most dedicated people, and they will work on one thing until it’s perfect.

6. They are very creative

The myth that engineers are math nerds could not be further from the truth.

7. They have the ability to think logically, think ahead, and make a plan

Being with an engineer means you always have a plan. Whether it’s for the weekend, your next trip, your meals, your future, or your finances.

8. They are not lazy

Engineers never really rest. Even on their days “off”, they continue to engineer away in their mind.

9. They have a lot of initiative, and re-engineer everyday problems to find better, more functional solutions

This does mean that you will find their “solutions” around the house. Solutions for leaky pipes, or solutions for the neighbor’s cat who keeps leaving presents in your lawn.

10. They have the ability to admit mistakes and re-work their approach

Because their work can require a lot of trial and error, engineers learn to rethink their strategies constantly.

If you are lucky to have found yourself one of these gems, celebrate their qualities, appreciate their talents, show that you see how hard they work, and most of all, enjoy the perks of having such a thoughtful partner!